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VTEC Polyimide
is 100% made
in the USA!

VTEC Polyimide Parts, Stock Shapes & Resins - a superior polymer that performs like a ceramic

VTEC Polyimide from RBI, Inc.

VTEC Polyimide stock shapes for machining.

VTEC Polyimide (PI), only by RBI, is the next quantum leap in advanced engineering polymers, delivering unparalleled and reliable long-term performance in the most demanding applications.

VTEC is a virtually indestructible polymer. And it overcomes many of the limitations of traditional plastic materials. Our technological advances in polymer chemistry, coupled with highly sophisticated manufacturing capabilities, have resulted in a truly superior polyimide with ceramic-like qualities. VTEC stands alone in the world of polymers with its combination of strength, stability, thermal resistance, and electrical properties. VTEC is The Ceramic Plastic.

VTEC Polyimide liquids
and powdered resins.

Click to compare VTEC PI vs. Vespel SP-1

VTEC should be considered for any challenging application where a polymer is required. But, VTEC is also ideal for: thermoset and thermoplastic replacement; ceramic replacement; epoxy replacement; and metal replacement. VTEC Polyimide is also an excellent alternative to polymers such as Vespel, P84, Torlon, PEEK, Celazole, etc.

VTEC is available in stock shapes for machining, finished machined or direct-formed parts, and liquid or powder resins. Many standard grades are available. Custom VTEC formulations can be engineered based on individual service and application needs. Fillers include glass, carbon, graphite, Teflon, MoS2, minerals, etc.

V is for VTEC Polyimide. The Ceramic Plastic.

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