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VTEC Polyimide
is 100% made
in the USA!

VTEC Polyimide Parts, Stock Shapes & Resins - a superior polymer that performs like a ceramic

VTEC Products and Capabilities

VTEC Polyimide is available in many forms and compounds to meet the specialized demands of individual applications. They include solids, liquids and powders.

VTEC Polyimide Stock Shapes for Machined Parts

Easily machined VTEC
Polyimide stock shapes.

Many sizes of sheet, rod, tube and film are available. Fully cured, stress relieved and non-brittle VTEC stock shapes are easily fabricated on common machining centers. Its strength, hardness, low moisture absorption and dimensional stability allow extremely tight tolerances to be achieved. Small holes, threads, slots and other intricate features are readily accomplished. The tiniest holes can be drilled almost burr free. Post-machining dimensional change, in most cases, is non-existent. Compare VTEC to other plastics where warping and cracking from built-in stress and brittleness wreak havoc with the machinist.

VTEC Stock Shape Grades

Standard, unfilled, 100% polyimide
Optimal combination of physical properties for general applications including electrical and thermal.
VTEC_Polyimide.pdf (unfilled 100% polyimide, English units)
VTEC_Polyimide_SI_Units.pdf (unfilled 100% polyimide, Metric units)
VtecPI.pdf (VTEC PI comparison to Vespel SP-1)

Bearing grade polyimide
Graphite, or other fillers such as Teflon, improves friction and wear characteristics for bearings, thrust washers, seats, seals and other applications in motion.
VTEC_BG21.pdf (15% graphite filled polyimide)
VTEC_BG21bw.pdf (bearing and wear test data)

Glass filled polyimide
Glass fiber enhances dimensional stability and strength at elevated temperature as well as lowering the thermal expansion coefficient.
VTEC_GF63.pdf (glass reinforced polyimide)

Custom Compounds
VTEC Polyimide grades can be engineered based on your individual service and application needs. Fillers include glass, graphite, carbon, Teflon, MoS2, minerals, etc.

Direct-formed VTEC Polyimide
parts and near net blanks.

VTEC Polyimide Direct-Formed (Molded) Parts

VTEC is available in direct-formed net or near net parts for cost savings in higher volume applications. There are some cross section limitations, but direct-forming is ideal for small parts such as bushings, thrust washers and seal rings. RBI's direct-formed molding process, similar to powdered metal part manufacturing, produces highly precise shapes. Direct-formed VTEC parts can be molded with complex features and tight tolerances, and typically do not need finishing operations. Occasionally secondary machining is required to add intricate features. Material and labor savings in long production runs make direct-formed parts economically attractive. Contact us early in the part design process to inquire if VTEC direct-formed parts are viable.

VTEC Polyimide Liquids for Coating & Cast Film Applications

VTEC Polyimide liquids and
powder resins for coating,
film casting and fillers.

The excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of VTEC Polyimide are available in liquid form for applications where a polyimide coating or film is desired. The liquid is typically applied and then thermal cured into a thin film or layer. These applications include cast film, semiconductor microelectronic stress buffers, passivation layers, chip bonding, and interlayer dielectrics; fiber optic and capillary coatings; and wire enamel.

VTEC Polyimide Powders for Coating, Filler and Molding Applications

Various grades of VTEC polyimide powder are available for use in fluidized bed powder coating and thermal spray. VTEC powder is also available as fillers for other materials such as epoxies. Custom compounded VTEC powder grades are available for customers who mold their own shapes and parts. Fillers and enhancers include glass, graphite, carbon, Teflon, MoS2, minerals, etc.

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